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About us

Welcome to ALFLAND - For Your Love and Pretty Pets’ Wishes

Our Mission

Our highly curated eco-friendly selection is talented designs to bring optimal enjoyment and pleasure for your graceful and energetic life. We believe happiness means healthy. A friendly land with our sweetheart for companionship of human and pets.

How Our Journey Began…

We're a truly unique company, as ALFLAND was co-founded by a ninth grader with a passion for loving her mother, nature, and animals of all kinds.

Upon realizing that there was a consideration of quality supplies for her own four birds, she chose to found her own shop that would provide the highest-quality supplies to bring pets joy with their health in mind.

ALFLAND is company filled with heart and compassion for all pets and our customers. So, when you purchase from ALFLAND, you’re getting from people who genuinely care about you and your pets’ wishes and happiness.

Our founder loves to continue learning and expanding her business knowledge. Additionally, she shares her business and expertise with other students and peers by inviting them to join her on her journey and passion to create happy, healthy lives for human and animals of all kinds.

When you shop at ALFLAND, you’re not just shopping from a local, family-owned business — you’re shopping from people who truly care!


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