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Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove for Shedding, Massaging and Hair Removal – Perfect for Dogs, Cats & Horses with Long & Short Fur. Hair won’t fly around. 

Healthier Pet & Clean Home. Must-have this pet grooming gloves 

Guaranteed by CE. The back is made of 3D mesh, breathable and scratch-resistant. Size approx.7 inches.  It’s machine washable and easy to clean can be used daily!

[Best Selling Pet Supplies For Cats, Dogs, and Birds] - ALFLAND
Wooden Hamster Toys Pack of 3
$19.99 $23.99
[Best Selling Pet Supplies For Cats, Dogs, and Birds] - ALFLAND
Hammock Lizard Lounger
$11.99 $15.99
[Best Selling Pet Supplies For Cats, Dogs, and Birds] - ALFLAND
Hamster Wooden Toy
$17.99 $21.99

All-purpose Cleaning Sponges, Must Have Product " Aloofa Cleaning Sponge " which will prove to be a game-changer for household to take care of your hand and our pets, that deserve our Best Care and Love.


100% Natural is made from plant alternative for scrubbing, cleaning, washing, which makes it easy to dispose of after it is worn out without any harm to the environment.

Practical & Easy to Use, the natural loofah is capable of forming foam quickly.  Wet it with water, scrub away. Wash it with water after use, squeeze and dry it by hanging within minutes.

 Versatile Use, All-purpose Clean Sponges, the Best Choice for Pet Parents and Household! Buy Now!

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